Location: Trinity College Dublin
Level: Post Doctoral

The Science Foundation Ireland ADAPT Research Centre (​ adaptcentre.ie​ ), seeks to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Fellow to conduct research in the areas of stochastic/neural network natural language (spoken) dialogue processing and personalisation for human computer interaction with an emphasis on social/informal dialogue in conversational relational agents/virtual companions.

The researcher will support research in the ADAPT Research Theme “Personalising the User Experience”, working towards creating dramatic improvements in how users engage with content by enriching the user experience, while alleviating current frustrations of cognitive overload when performing diverse actions on content. The work is motivated by the volume and veracity of information that end users are tasked with trying to make sense of on a daily basis. The theme is revolutionising how users discover, share and work with multimodal content as part of the global conversation by focusing on pertinent content/actions. There is a strong connection with the theme entitled “Interacting with Global Content” which overall seeks to empower people to interact with digital content in ways that are more intuitive and that mimic the richness of human perception in all interaction. The candidate should have a mature personal research plan in a relevant area of dialogue processing that complements the overall research goal. The researcher will also be responsible for supporting research in in a number of areas including:

interactive (dialogic) information retrieval
user modeling

Thus, the ideal researcher will typically have specific expertise in dialogue processing, and be able to identify how they can contribute to wider research in (multimodal) dialogue systems. Reporting to a Principal Investigator, the successful candidate will work within a large group of Postdoctoral Researchers, PhD students and Software Developers.

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