Location: Trinity College Dublin
Level: Primary Degree


Duration: Specific Purpose Contract – 12 months Full-time


Location: Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin

Salary: (€37,874 to €47,673 per annum) - dependent on experience

Hours of Work: Full-Time 

Closing Date: Until filled 


Post Summary

The Science Foundation Ireland ADAPT Research Centre (www.adaptcentre.ie) seeks to appoint a Machine Learning Engineer (ML) / Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer to lead the application of deep neural networks and natural language processing to publishing and editorial systems.

This is an exciting opportunity for a Research Engineer to join a commercialization project, aiming at the creation of a spin-out company - CailberAI - that will offer a suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tools to assist publishers, editors and others in the detection of potentially defamatory or toxic content, prior to publication, thereby reducing costs and raising quality at a time when revenues are under immense pressure. 

The successful candidate will work alongside the best and brightest talent in language technologies, content analytics, data analytics, adaptivity, personalisation, interoperability, translation, localisation and information retrieval. As a university-based research centre, ADAPT also strongly supports continuous professional development and education. In ADAPT you will develop as an engineer, technically and scientifically. In addition, ADAPT will support you to enhance your confidence, leadership skills and communication abilities.

The work is primarily motivated by two interrelated problems. One, the attenuation of news organisations’ editorial resources over the last decade, and the concomitant increased risk of publication of erroneous or defamatory content. Two, the growing problem of ‘toxic’ content, facilitated by the internet (and social media platforms in particular), and the changing legal-commercial framework of publication online.

The candidate should have mature experience in a relevant area of machine learning / deep learning / natural language processing and / or computational linguistics. High quality news industry experience will be an advantage. Reporting to the Principal Investigator and Commercial Lead, the successful candidate will work alongside a diverse group of Postdoctoral Researchers, PhD students and Software Developers. They will have exposure to all aspects of project lifecycle from requirements analysis to design, code, test and face-to-face demonstrations with industrial trial partners.

Prospective candidates should also be capable of demonstrating a good understanding of the latest regulatory developments in relation to internet publishing, artificial intelligence and data protection, particularly within the European Union and the United States.

Informal enquiries about this post should be made to by e-mail to: Monica Lechea (monica.lechea@adaptcentre.ie)).

Standard Duties and Responsibilities of the Post

  • Implement ML algorithms for NLP from relevant literature and group research
  • Integrate research prototypes in application frameworks via tight integration (e.g. APIs) and loose integration (e.g. web services)
  • Create data processing pipelines for large data volume experiments
  • Implement and develop unit tests of individual software components to ensure functionality and robustness of software applications
  • Regularly communicate with  team members to ensure that they are kept up to date with the work that is done
  • Document all work to ensure code is easily understood by peers
  • Raise Technology Readiness Level of research prototypes to prepare for experimental industrial application
  • Collaborate with ADAPT industry partners to define requirements, troubleshoot issues and conduct demonstrations

Funding Information

The position is funded through the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund.

Person Specification

The successful candidate will have broad experience in every aspect of the application development lifecycle, who takes pride in the quality of their work and who ensures their work - and that of their teammates - adheres to good standard practices and proven design patterns. The successful candidate is expected to:

  • Have experience with natural language understanding/generation, semantic embedding, topic modeling, sentiment analysis, information retrieval and other NLP-related techniques (e.g. Recursive and recurrent neural networks)
  • Have expert knowledge of Machine Learning, and some knowledge of methodologies for redressing ‘black box’ transparency issues (e.g. XAI, data ablation)
  • Understand all aspects of industrial standard software development including the management of EC2 instances and data repositories of different types
  • Have a thorough understanding of, and experience developing web-based applications
  • Have extensive experience with Code Repositories (git)
  • Be a strong team player


  • Candidates appointed to this role must have a primary degree or (ideally) a postgraduate qualification in Computer Science or a related discipline with courses in NLP, AI, ML, Deep Learning (desirable)
  • General experience in networking/web services/web dev/devops
  • The ideal candidate should have a minimum of three years academic work/industry experience /industry experience

Knowledge & Experience (Essential & Desirable)


  • Expert knowledge of, and experience with, NLP and Machine Learning
  • Fluency in a deep learning platform (e.g. TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXnet)
  • Excellent knowledge of scripting languages: Python, Bash


  • Knowledge of scripting languages: Perl, JavaScript, d3.js
  • Excellent knowledge of one or more of: Java, C/C++, node.js
  • Knowledge of mathematical/data analysis languages: Matlab/Octave, R
  • Experience working with UNIX, Linux, VMWare, OSX and Windows operating systems
  • Database management skills (SQL/No-SQL): MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Neo4j, SQL
  • Experience with web crawling, data wrangling, data analysis
  • Good command of markup languages and data formats (e.g. XML, JSON)
  • Excellent Understanding of Unit and Regression Testing Frameworks
  • Knowledge of web application development and security
  • Expertise in containerisation, virtualisation, cloud platforms (e.g. EC2)
  • Expert command of Version Control Systems (e.g. git)

Skills & Competencies

  • Excellent written and oral proficiency in English. (essential)
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills both written and verbal.
  • Proven aptitude for Programming, System Analysis and Design.
  • Proven ability to prioritise workload and work to exacting deadlines.
  • Flexible and adaptable in responding to stakeholder needs.
  • Experience in releasing code to live production environments.
  • Enthusiastic and structured approach to research and development.
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities.
  • Desire to learn about new products, technologies and keep abreast of new product, technical and research developments

Application Procedure

Applicants should describe how their skills and experience align with the criteria set out above in the cover letter and send it along with their CV to  Monica Lechea (monica.lechea@adaptcentre.ie). Kindly include reference RE-CAI in your application.

Full details can be found here