Location: Trinity College Dublin
Level: PhD

PROTECT is an international, interdisciplinary and cross academic-industry training network hosted across Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium. It is recruiting 14 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) to undertake research towards PhDs in the disciplines of law, ethics or computer science, with the common goal of Protecting Personal Data Amidst Big Data Innovation. ESR4 will be hosted by Trinity College Dublin.

Objectives: Map data quality and data value semantics across a wide range of personal data forms to models of stakeholder consent, so as to improve handling of mapping uncertainty and thereby accurately identify trust-breaching risks and quality-markers in performing any of a wide range of data analytics tasks.

Expected Results: Reporting function to advise on risk of conflicts between proposed data analytics tasks and their quality assurance, and models of permissible analytics application specified by different stakeholders (individually or collectively), factoring reporting of uncertainty in risk assessments. An evaluation of the effectiveness of semantic mappings for handling a wide range of different data schema and heterogeneous models of user permissions.

Supervision Team: Prof. D. O’Sullivan (TCD Computer Science), Prof D. Lewis (TCD Computer Science), Prof A. Gomez-Perez (UPM), M.Poc (Stelar)

Required Research Experiences

RESEARCH FIELD: Information science

Offer Requirements

REQUIRED EDUCATION LEVEL: Information science: Bachelor Degree or equivalent
ELIGIBILITY: Researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) Ireland for more than 12 months in the 3 years prior to their recruitment.


2.1 grade (or equivalent) in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in computer science, maths, engineering or similar technical discipline. Other qualifications in disciplines related to the ESR topic will also be considered.
Good programming ability.

Specific Requirements

In addition, PROTECT PhD students must demonstrate:

An ability to collaborate with international research teams in the English language.
An enthusiasm for working on multidisciplinary research problems, including research collaboration and publication across disciplinary boundaries.

Where to apply? 

Application Deadline: 18/08/2019 12:00 Europe/Dublin
Email: monica.lechea@adaptcentre.ie
Application Form

Selection process:

Apply via the email provided, subject line 'PROTECT Network ESR4 application', including the following:

  • A completed PROTECT eligibility form
  • A covering letter explaining why the candidate wants the position and what qualifies them for it.
  • A CV
  • Attached document or links to documents providing a max of 3 examples of work demonstrating prior achievement in research, enquiry or debate, e.g. published paper or other work; software, standards or policy contribution; dissertation or masters thesis. 

Informal queries can be directed to Jessica Grene (jessica.grene@adaptcentre.ie