Location: Athlone IT
Level: Masters Studentship

Project Title: A Quality of Experience Evaluation of an Immersive Virtual Reality Application Developed to Assess Spatial Auditory Ability

This research will develop and evaluate (based on Quality of Experience (QoE) principles) an immersive multimedia e-health application that integrates Virtual Reality (VR) and Spatial Audio. Firstly, at a “multimedia systems” level, this project will integrate & synchronize various presentation and sensor technologies. The “presentation system” will include content design and creation and will solicit responses from the user in terms of their spatial auditory abilities. Secondly, to evaluate QoE through user studies, the “sensor system” will integrate a suite of sensors that can capture physiological metrics on user performance (examples include EDA, eye gaze, heart rate, skin temperature, head movement). A convenience sampling approach will be taken on a healthy population to attempt to define normative population performance in such a system.

This MSc will contribute to the advancement of the state-of-the-art, in quality of experience of immersive multimedia experiences and also evaluate the utility of such technologies in the e-health domain. 


Note: Closing Date is 12pm 31st of the August.