Location: Trinity College Dublin
Level: Machine Learning


CaliberAI seeks to immediately appoint two Data Annotation Strategists, with a strong understanding of defamation, toxic speech and machine learning.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a commercialisation project that aims to offer a suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tools to assist publishers, editors and others in the detection of potentially defamatory or toxic content, prior to publication.

The primary role responsibility will be data annotation, but there will also be opportunities to learn and write about the latest techniques in natural language processing (NLP) and the interface of machine learning, journalism and technology policy.

Standard Duties and Responsibilities of the Post

  • Assess published articles for defamatory words, phrases and statements
  • Compose examples of defamatory and toxic statements
  • Publish short and long form articles, documenting CaliberAI’s work and the challenges and opportunities around machine learning and journalism
  • Regularly communicate with  team members to ensure that they are kept up to date with the work that is done

Interested applicants should submit a Curriculum Vitae, including details of two referees, together with a cover letter to monica.lechea@adaptcentre.ie by Friday, January 24th at the latest.

Applicants should reference DAS-CAL in their email.