EU Funding

Funding from the EU enables ADAPT to pursue cutting-edge scientific research, and develop innovative technologies to tackle societal challenges. Since 2015, ADAPT's projects have received over €6 million in EU grants. The Centre has utilised these funds to create groundbreaking translation and security technologies, as well as expand into social fields including health and health management.

Funding and Projects

Funding and Projects

ADAPT's projects are predominantly financed by the European Commission's funding programmes, specifically Horizon 2020 and the Connecting Europe Facility. ADAPT is especially involved with Horizon 2020, serving as a keystone participant with coordinated projects spanning all three innovation areas pinpointed by the programme:

  • Support for Excellent Science
  • Support for Industrial Leadership
  • Support for research to tackle Societal Challenges
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Business & Industry Partners

ADAPT is supported by the Irish government through a Science Foundation Ireland investment of €24 million. This funding is leveraged with an additional €26 million from industry partners.

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Mobile Real-Time Translation

Translate or post-edit content on the fly!

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The trilemma of designing international bioethics curricula

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User Interaction for Image Recolouring using L2A

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Evaluating Ad-hoc and Instance Video Search, Events Detection, Video Captioning and Hyperlinking

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A Multinomial Naive Bayes Classification Approach for Customer Feedback Analysis

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