Location: Trinity College Dublin
Level: PhD

Post Summary

The ADAPT Centre at Trinity College Dublin is offering a 4 year PhD scholarship in the field of recommender systems and personalization. Your PhD research will focus on improving the state-of-the art in recommender systems for digital libraries. The exact goal will be based on your interests and skills, and will be discussed between you and your PhD supervisor. One potential goal could be to develop a novel recommendation approach based on, for instance, machine learning, network analysis or natural language processing. Alternatively, you may explore new ways to ensure reproducibility in recommender-systems research, or tackle one of the other issues that the community of recommender systems for academia is currently facing. A major part of your research will be conducted with Mr. DLib, which is a recommendation-as-a-service provider who delivers thousands of recommendations every day to different partners. For more details, please visit http://mr-dlib.org and refer to these two publications:

  • Beel, J., Breitinger, C., Langer, S., Lommatzsch, A., & Gipp, B. (2016). Towards Reproducibility in Recommender-Systems Research. User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction (UMUAI), 26(1), 69–101. doi:10.1007/s11257-016-9174-x
  • Beel, J., Gipp, B., Langer, S., & Breitinger, C. (2016). Research Paper Recommender Systems: A Literature Survey. International Journal on Digital Libraries, (4), 305–338. doi:10.1007/s00799-015-0156-0

In addition to your contribution to the Mr. DLib project, you have the opportunity to collaborate with other researchers at ADAPT and apply your research in their projects and with industry partners.

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