Location: Trinity College Dublin
Level: PhD

Post Summary

Accenture Tech Lab (https://www.accenture.com/ie-en/accenture-technology-labsindex) - R&D division of Accenture - and the Science Foundation Ireland ADAPT Centre (www.adaptcentre.ie) are offering a PhD position that will use Linked Data/Semantic Web and Machine Learning to “Learning and explaining Ontology Mapping in the context of Concept Drift”. We envision automated approaches that could leverage semantic technologies together with machine learning for learning mappings from Relational Databases to existing ontologies in DBpedia, Wikidata, and Google Knowledge graph. Given the temporal nature of data, especially in a context where the semantics is dynamic (i.e., the semantics of terms and conditions is changing over different contexts such as time, clients, and region):

  • How to learn mapping techniques for enterprise data?
  • How to elaborate methods that could scale to concept drift (i.e., dynamics of semantics across various context)?
  • How to handle temporal evolution of semantics?
  • How to explain the mappings and their evolution?

All these are research questions that remain open. The student will be based at the ADAPT Centre in TCD, but will also spend time at the Accenture Tech Lab. ADAPT has received €50 Million research funding from Industry and Science Foundation Ireland to support 120 researchers across 4 universities in Dublin. The ADAPT Centre’s mission is to produce world class research that delivers disruptive innovations for the digital media and intelligent content industry. This PhD position will be supervised by Prof. Declan O’Sullivan from TCD, and Dr. Freddy Lecue from Accenture Tech Lab in Dublin and INRIA in Sophia Antipolis.

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